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QuickStart Wholesale Distribution is targeted to help resolve real market place problems for distribution companies. With QuickStart ERP as the foundation, QuickStart Wholesale Distribution allows for Lot and/or Serial tracking, management of inventory levels to ensure “no stock out” and with fast movement in inventory, QuickStart Wholesale Distribution will help automate inventory counting.

  • Lot and/or Serial
    Inventory Management

    • Lot numbered inventory items tracks the cost of each item from purchase to sale.Each lot number record includes the quantity of items in that lot, an expiration date and an area to enter notes about that lot. Warning is setup to let you know an item is about to expire.
    • Serialized inventory enables tracking of products through all the stages from purchase to sale. Complete history of each serial number is tracked including specific cost for each serial number as products are bought and sold.
    • Capture item profitability to provide guidance in purchasing and selling strategies.
  • Inventory Level Management

    • Inventory management allows tracking of Available Quantity, Quantity On Hand, Quantity On Order and Quantity Committed per item and per location.
    • As purchases or sales are made, inventory level is updated as well as the;
    • Reorder Point, Preferred Stock Level and Safety Stock may be established per item and per location to avoid “stock out”
  • Inventory Count

    • Inventory Count offers a detailed workflow around cycle counting. This feature provides warehouse managers with a higher level of inventory accuracy and tighter control over the company’s assets.
    • System takes a snapshot of the inventory on hand and allows warehouse operators to start the counting process
    • Accounting supervisors can then review the variances and approve or reject the results. Approve results generate a corresponding inventory adjustment while a rejection allows the recount of inventory.

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