For the past 6 years, PGE Solutions has been the leading NetSuite Solutions Provider, implementing projects in over 14 countries. Since business has been kind and as a way of gratitude, we thought of giving back to society. We are very glad to say that we have a Non-profit and Social Enterprise arm: the PGE Community.

Our goal is to give “Tech for good and tech for all”, extending the company’s mission to organizations doing good, at a more reasonable cost. We aim to help our clients make the most out of their investment by enhancing business operations and improving their productivity.

Here at PGE we realized that non-profit organizations and social enterprises have the same needs as commercial organizations to function; helping these organizations through cloud technology became PGE Community’s mission. We believe that the best way for us to contribute to organizations we believe in and we look up to, is by helping them be better at what they do.

PGE Solutions | non-profit accounting Philippines | Netsuite for NGO

PGE Solutions has been the leading NetSuite Solutions Provider in the Eastern Asia providing a social enterprise arm called PGE community.

PGE community is a business management software that also operates as a social enterprise arm for non-government organizations in the Philippines and other Eastern Asia countries

As a Netsuite Solution Provider in the Philippines, PGE Solutions helps NGOs and other PGE's social community through their CSR.

Providing business management software to Philippines' non-prrfit organizations for their customer relations management and accounting needs.

PGE solutions provides the Netsuite crm for ngo as part of their giving back to the community.

PGE Solutions aims to provide the best crm and accounting management systems for use of the local community with Netsuite for NGOs.
Non-profit accounting in the Philippines and netsuite provider for NGO, that is PGE Solutions.
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