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PGE Solutions PGE Takes SME's to the Next Level - PGE Solutions

PGE Takes SME’s to the Next Level

Written by Czarina Santos on . Posted in News

PGE Solutions held its 2nd “Cloudify ERP Workshop” at Marco Polo Hotel on September 27. “Cloudify” is a monthly event intended to support SMEs in taking their business to the next level. As the leading partner of NetSuite in Asia—PGE aims to be the trusted advisor and solution provider to clients. The company utilizes NetSuite platform to design business solutions, such as QuickStart and Solution by Design (SXD). QuickStart is a methodology to guarantee speedy implementation with a duration of either 25 or 40 days. While SXD is for customizations on the system as requested or requited by our clients. PGE takes its lead from their CEO, as they join clients in their first big step toward the NetSuite platform up the Cloud and beyond!

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