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PGE Solutions Local software company offers affordable ERP service to SMEs - PGE Solutions

Local software company offers affordable ERP service to SMEs

Written by Czarina Santos on . Posted in News

By Roderick Abad, Business Mirror – April 29,2015

HOMEGROWN software-consultancy firm PGE Solutions Inc. launched on Tuesday its newest service for enterprise-resource planning (ERP) catered to fast-growing companies in the Philippines that is suitable to their means.

While this product, dubbed “QuickStart. ERP Made Easy,” is offered to all sizes of businesses, PGE COO Rich Quin told the BusinessMirror that it’s mostly fitted to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“It would be for companies that are currently categorized as SMEs but are fast growing. Fast growing means they have more information to track, like sales, revenues, inventory, or expenses. They will benefit most from it, because after fast growth they will now think about being world-class. And you cannot be world-class without technology. So this is their faster way for that,” he explained.

At present, SMEs account for more than 96 percent of all the registered companies in the country, based on data from the Department of Trade and Industry. Given their big contribution to the national economy, the executive said that they need further support to maximize their full potential in aid of new technologies.

But these must be made available to them in a way that they can afford them since they have limited resources, he noted.The ERP, for instance, is a software solution used only by many businesses that have the means to automate and streamline their business processes.

In a study they conducted, Quin said the typical cost of a start-up ERP, including servers, software and cabling, among others, will be a minimum of P5 million.

“Because they cannot afford it, they [SMEs] rather stick with the manual, Excel or cheap accounting software,” he said.

The idea of PGE for QuickStart, according to him, is how they can make this product affordable, such that smaller companies don’t have to settle with a cheap software that has less functionality.

“So, in our case, it’s a full-blown ERP,” he boasted. “We are basically less than 30 percent of that [typical ERP solution in the market].”

Running on the world’s No. 1 Cloud ERP solution called the NetSuite, PGE’s QuickStart enables companies to achieve world-class operating and decision-making capabilities by the power of cloud computing.

The desired results also include better access to real-time information, accurate and detailed reporting, as well as error elimination via streamlined and integrated business processes.

With its easy to adapt and fast to roll out promise, it guarantees a full implementation within two months only.

“It really revolutionizes the way ERP is implemented in six months and sold as something very expensive,” he said.

Impressed by the good market response since they already have a couple of clients running on QuickStart as early as 2014 prior to its just-concluded official launch, Quin is upbeat for an even more subscription this year and beyond.

“We’re here for the long term. So I don’t care if we just sell 10 this year, which I don’t think we will. We will sell definitely more. But our sight is long term. We want to be part of nation building,” he stressed.

PGE Solutions is a seven-year-old Filipino-owned company that provides cloud-based software solutions. It has offices in Manila, Cebu and Singapore.


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