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PGE Solutions Silver Spoons or Scrappers:  Which one should you hire? - PGE Solutions

Silver Spoons or Scrappers:  Which one should you hire?

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Growing a business is not just about cloud computing and all the sophisticated analytics and business systems, it is also about the best hires. Sounds cliché, doesn’t it? But seriously, it is not all about that. All these tech advancements in business form a part of business intelligence that is indispensable for growth and survival. But human capability and intelligence is something that business has relied on for quite a long time. If you really want to know why, here’s why you should know:

  • Human Force always contribute to 50% of companies’ success.

The current corporate environment is primarily driven by a human workforce despite all the automation happening left and right. Systems and softwares are still subject to human intervention to make it work. If an employee is not capable enough to handle the system, then the result would not be as best as what you expect it to be.

  • Human Force will last for more decades to come despite of increasing automation.

It has been portrayed by most sci-fi films that robots and artificial intelligence will replace humans in the future. This is probably true, but it will not happen in an instant. The human intelligence and ability is still valuable in the coming decades most especially in developing countries like ours. It is indispensable to equip people with the capacity to purchase their needs. Moreover, transferring the spending activity to the public, instead of the government, is a good economic model to boost the macro-economy.

Of silver spoons and scrappers

Your company posted all the necessary job opening collaterals and materials online and offline.  As you walk into your desk, you are looking at two different positions open for applicants: one for entry level/fresh graduates, and one for a supervisory position. Your human resource director happened to have two unique “qualified” applicants for both positions for you to evaluate. One with outstanding credentials, a graduate of an elite university with a degree that not all Filipino families can afford to enroll into. The other one graduated from a state university, not really an achiever but had worked part time to finance his education as a crew in a fast food. Which now begs the question: Who will you hire? Or let me put it in right perspective – who will be the best hire?

I will not recommend you to quick pick one of them without looking into who they are and what they have to offer in that specific position. But I will run you through these two types of applicants:

  • The Silver spoon


Seattle Campus Shooting Graduation

They graduated from a business degree or any bachelor’s degree from an elite university. These are those fresh graduates that are bleeding with maroon, blue, green or pontifical yellow blood. They are the pure blood or Halflings in terms of academic stature – all reared and nurtured to succeed. That is why they travel the straight path towards their planned destinations.

  • Scrapper


state u grads


Scrappers are those who graduated from non-elite universities and usually, they were able to do so either through a scholarship, part time jobs or a kind-hearted relative. They felt that the education entrusted to them is a privilege. It something they need to pour all their energy and whatever left of their resources to finish it, hence, the term scrapper.

In short, they are the candidates who at the early stage of their lives have learned how to cope with adversity to triumphantly surpass all of it. Furthermore, they are the people who need to go through different obstacles to get into where they want to be.

I will take into example an experience I had when I am still working for an FMCG. They (the company) are really into hiring the best young bloods, preferably those who have worn a “sablay” or those who have graduated from the top 4 universities in the country.

I have witnessed how these candidates showed their eloquence and wit during the interviews and exams – indeed the best hire one can imagine. I am not mistaken because my boss hired two of them. One from the premiere state university of the country (which I believed to be a semi-private academic institution already), and one from the equally best academic institution in Quezon City.

In their first three months, these two have shown remarkable intelligence at work despite of their age. But as the months passed by, they morphed into lifeless corporate slaves for two reasons: they are not well recognized for their good work (which is important for idealists like them), and they hate the idea of doing tasks they thought were not made for them (like selling during trade exhibits and doing inventories on site). In short these two are victims of corporate politics and corporate indifference.

I cannot blame these two, because if I were in their shoes – being graduates from distinguished academic institutions – I would’ve felt the same, but I’m not. So going back to these two fellas, after their 6-month probationary period, they quit.

I am not an advocate of scrappers here, but amazingly a former co-employee who is also a graduate of a state university was able to withstand the same condition that these two have experienced for two years without complaining – making him the best hire in their batch.


Scrappers or silver spoons, whoever the candidate in front of you is, he or she should be given to equal opportunity to be interviewed or to undergo the same pre-employment assessment with the other candidates.

In telling who should be hired, or who will be the best hire for the position?

You should ask yourself who among these candidates can fit into your company’s culture, who can withstand pressure without having a breakdown, and someone with the right working attitude. Why? Because at the end of the day, they are both qualified for the position.

In case you are done with your recruitment, and you are now focused on finding the best business solutions for your company, you can always refer to PGE solutions for list of business solutions from NetSuite to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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