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PGE Solutions Why Business Cloud Should be Part of Your Business Plan? - PGE Solutions


Why Business Cloud Should be Part of Your Business Plan?

Written by pgesolutions admin on . Posted in Blogs

New Year means new beginnings! For most people, it is the time of the year when everyone tries to be the better version of themselves. The time when everyone forgets about the inefficiencies and the not-so-good memories happened last year. Most of all, the New Year – as the words explicitly connotes – is a fresh start! And speaking of fresh starts, it is the time of the year when implementation starts. Ooops! Did I just say “implementation”?

Is your Business Plan Complete?

Ideally, January is the starting point of implementing the “business plan” made and approved last month – or should I say, last year. Hold your horses! Before making that first step, why don’t you try scanning the entire business plan of yours to check if the management did not forget to include any crucial elements? Sounds good to you isn’t? Is there an item there about your business system, or system upgrade? Hold on! You forgot this one are you?

Don’t panic! Most SMB’s (or SME’s as what other experts called them) are not really particular with business systems or business technologies as some of them try to hold on to their cash to maintain good cash flow. And most of the time, this aspect of the business is the least priority. I can’t blame them. Cash these days is so tight.

But for someone who’s about to take a leap from SMB to a large business like you and me, an upgrade should not be the last in our priority list. Remember, we are big ships. We do not dodge the waves. We go against them. And how will a big ship like us know when a wave is bearable to go against with or not? That is through our command control dashboard.

What is Business Cloud – or cloud computing?

In business, the dashboard that I am talking about is your business intelligence. These sets of data produced, mined and analyzed through a reliable software system called business cloud or what others called it – cloud computing. As you are already familiar with this, your business cloud is a SaaS or Software as a Service. SaaS is the business model of your business intelligence and/or business solutions provider, wherein they use a private (dedicated) or public server (shared server) to build a software that intends to make business monitoring and business decision easy.

Let’s take for example, the NetSuite Business Solutions. NetSuite is one of the largest business intelligence provider alongside with Microsoft (Microsoft Dynamic CRM), Salesforce, and Oracle through J.D. Edwards. NetSuite meticulously crafted (coded) a dynamic and responsive software will work for most business needs such as sales forecasting, inventory management, accounting system, customer relationship management (CRM), and some customizable modules for your crucial business needs.

Why Business Cloud in Your Business Plan?

Seriously speaking, who would want to remain faithful to spreadsheets? Well spreadsheets are a businessman’s trusted companion ever since. It has been proven to be accurate (as long as the user knows all the formulas and shortcuts). However, as business owners, you are already too preoccupied dwell deeply into the ins and outs of spreadsheet. And here’s where the business cloud comes in.

  • Cloud-based systems such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, and J.D. Edwards have different configurations. From the most basic data to the most rich and complex ones. Access (or log-ins) per user are also customizable depending on the role and knowledge of the user. That is very much important considering that not all data are relevant to a user or to a certain department. But we business owners, can have a peak in all the data available in the system to make an accurate and clearly-defined business decisions. These data can also be generated in a format that we can comprehend.
  • Business systems give businesses more than a 180 degree view of the business and its client base. What do I mean by this? Data reflects crucial trends and early prognosis of an impending business trouble. If one monitors the business analytics regularly, pitfalls can be avoided and necessary business remedies can be done.
  • It saves time. Accounting system and business analytics for example are both tedious tasks. But with the help of business cloud solutions, everything can be tagged, entered, archived in the system – making data mining and monitoring less daunting.
  • Lastly, it’s cost-effective. Acquiring business systems could be pricey considering the initial cost, the amortized fees, and maintenance. However, the returns are positive because it minimizes human error, increases work efficiency, and diligently monitors accounts and business cycle, and cash flow – making accountabilities clear.


A business plan is a crucial part of doing business because it serves as a masterplan for the activities that your company will orchestrate for the entire year. In short, it is your year-round frame work. Because business plan is crucial, one should not miss even a single element that can make or break your business, like cloud-computing. And if by chance you are looking for professionals who can help you with your plans of migrating or upgrading, you can give PGE Business Solutions a call. Their helpful and knowledgeable business experts are available to sit down with you and configure what your business really needs in order to reach you sales and business goals.

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