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PGE Solutions Four-way test to Assess IT Advancement Feasibility - PGE Solutions

Four-way test to Assess IT Advancement Feasibility

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Business favors the three E’s to ensure a sustainable and stable operation. Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Economical are the three core qualities business live by these days, providing a much sustainable operation that will keep businesses afloat.

If you would notice, every project, business endeavor, or business deal that companies do always comply with the three E’s. Most C-level executives ask: Is it effective, efficient, and economical? If the answers are a big YES, then there’s also a big-fat chance that it will push through.

However, C-level executives also ask one final question: Is it innovative? (Or at least has an edge over the conventional practices?). If you are able to successfully prove that your proposal, or project qualifies even for that last qualification, then you’ll earn the respect of your bosses.

In the perspective of an IT department, advancement is always the game to play. In most proposed tech advancement in a business, innovation is the first thing to be asked before the three E’s. The company needs to be always at the forefront of information, and communication advancement to ensure one of the E’s – efficiency. The rest of the E’s will follow. To give you a concise guide in a assessing your IT project’s feasibility, below are the guidelines:


  • Is it Innovative?

Is the proposed project highly innovative, in the sense that, it was never explored by most IT experts, or a new found trick to solve unaddressed issues within the IT realm? Is it highly favorable towards the entire information, and communication process of the company? If yes, then you are good with the first evaluation.

  • Is it Efficient?

Can this new method, infrastructure, or software bring efficiency of the entire company to a higher level or degree? Are most stakeholders of the company capable of understanding and learning your proposed advancement? If yes, then you are good with the second evaluation.

  • Is it Effective?

Is it proven to get the right results in all areas in which it is intended to be deployed? Can it guarantee a result that won’t exceed your company’s acceptable margin of error? If yes, then you are good with the third evaluation.

  • Is it Economical?

This is probably one of the most anticipated, and the sweetest revelation that almost all business owners like to hear: Will it save them some cash? Or in other words: Is it economical? It doesn’t necessarily mean that the advancement/project needs to be outright cheap, acquisition value-wise. It needs to be at the very least, prove that the investment will yield a desirable return, such as low maintenance cost, longer life-span, or positive result from a cost-benefit analysis point-of-view.

The end-goal needs to prove that the advancement comparatively cost-effective compared to usual spending in a financial standpoint.


Knowing all these evaluation filters, you can already proceed to the assessment of your proposal, and also you possible providers, most especially in the field of cloud computing. If you are looking for reliable cloud solutions provider, you can refer to PGE Business Solutions. PGE Solutions offers a variety of business –related cloud computing softwares like Microsoft Dynamic CRM online, and NetSuite business solutions.

For more information about our product, and trainings that we provide accordingly, you can check us at, or contact us on our business phone units listed in our web page.



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